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The company

In 1965 Mr. Friedel Ricken founded the company "insulation solutions of any kind" with its main focus on thermal protection (heat temperature and low temperature), acoustic protection and fire protection at Düsseldorf-Heerdt. It is considered a relatively new trade, as today's trade association originates from 1936.

As he took his main interest in education and advanced training concerns, he was able to win young people for this interesting and diversifying trade profession.
As a matter of fact it is not surprising that today's owners Oliver Klimbt and Adam Szymczak "grew up" within the company.

Mr. Ricken carefully planned the company's handing over to his two master craftsmen Oliver Klimbt and Adam Szymczak which took place in 1996 and as their mentor he supported the young owners by word and deed over several years.

In the meantime, Mr. Oliver Klimbt became a member of the Board of the Builders' Guild.

At the same time Mr. Klimbt also became a member of the examination board of the Düsseldorf Chamber of Small Industries and Skilled Trades being concerned with the final examinations of future insulating engineers.