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The company's mission statement

The positive judgements of our customers are not a matter of pure chance, as careful analyses, intensive consultations and early planning create the basis of confidence that any construction project needs.

We carry out a detailed check and we plan all required proceedings in close coordination with our customers and with the architect, if necessary, before submitting an offer.

On the other hand, we also have to realise an adequate price-performance ratio, that means that we have to find reasonable solutions even in case of difficult constructional conditions.

We exclusively use high-quality products from well-known manufacturers, because our aim for improvement and optimisation is only possible in close cooperation with leading manufacturers.

In addition, the manufacturers continuously invite our motivated staff members to their practical trainings and courses in order to keep them well informed about the latest improvements in working techniques.

As member of the builders' guild, we know that investing into the employees' qualification and continuous training will significantly help to promote tomorrow's success.

Expert knowledge, innovation, quality, staff and cost-effectiveness - these are the fundamental values of our company and the basis of our success.

Last but not least our company's concept results from this mission statement.